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Light Bathroom Remodeling by Dreamstyle

Reclaim your Space with One Easy Update

Have you had enough of your bathroom clutter, but don’t want to commit to a long, daunting remodel time? Choreograph shower systems by Kohler provide plenty of impact with one quick installation.

Reclaim your space by converting your bulky tub-which can cover up to 50% of the square footage in a small bathroom-into a functional, sophisticated, space-saving walk-in shower. You may even find that the Kohler Choreograph shower is all you need to breathe new life into your bathroom design.

Upgrade your bathroom with confidence knowing your beautiful new shower is backed by over 140 years of Kohler engineering and expertise.
Benefits of Kohler Choreograph
  • Price: Far less costly than a traditional shower remodel, Choreograph replacement showers are also hassle-free with installation by Dreamstyle remodeling.
  • Space: Free of bulky siding, standing showers make for a more spacious design.
  • Quality: Made with 80% natural stone composite and reinforced with fiber strands, showers by Kohler will stand the test of time.
  • Style: Choreograph’s many custom options means your shower fits your house, your routine, and your preferences.
Custom-Engineered Accessories and Fixtures

All Kohler accessories from showerheads to hardware are made to match-and fit-any wall style you’ve selected. Decide which accessories to add based on your needs and trust the ingenuity of Kohler products to blend in or stand out as you intended—all while adding to your shower’s functionality.

Discover the Possibilities

With a full range of wall options, you can choose the perfect color or color combination and size to fit your bathroom.

Accessorize Your Shower

Mix and match storage, fixture, and accessory options to complete the look of your bathroom shower remodel.

Getting Started

A Kohler Choreograph shower system is a simple first step in a full bathroom remodel as well. Likely the room’s largest statement feature, it can set the tone for both design and utility.

Whether you just want to install a Kohler shower, or have begun planning a bathroom remodel-or even if you’re not sure yet-Dreamstyle Remodeling can point you in the right direction with an in-home consultation today.