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Eliminate Hassle and Enjoy Safe Showers with Kohler Choreograph

Bath to Shower Conversions – Convenience

Hate climbing over your bathtub every day? Expedite your morning routine with a standing shower that is as convenient as it is beautiful. A Kohler shower system replaces your awkward, in-the-way tub side with a flat bottom pane for effortless access. Converting those tub sides also increases your space, and allows for less in-shower bending, stretching, and straining.

Particularly if you find that you rarely-if ever-use your bathtub on its own, it may be time to reconsider whether you need one at all. With a Kohler shower, you’ll have not only the convenience of a walk-in, but a wide open, modern design.

Convert to Kohler showers for their ease-of-use and enjoy a host of safety features, too.
A Slip-Resistant Design

Bath to Shower Conversions – Safety

If you’re at risk at falling or slipping in a bathtub, don’t forget to consider safety factors along with those of convenience. According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, over 81% of bathroom injuries are falls, and of those, 2/3 occur within or because of a tub.

Kohler Choreograph replacement shower systems were created to both expand and improve your bathroom. In addition to the increase in mobility you’ll experience in your new shower, you can also choose to add one of two supplemental safety features. These include multifunctional shower barres for either storage or stability, and a mobile in-shower stool for seating.

Contact Dreamstyle Remodeling today to talk safety with a representative. We’re happy to provide more information on how you-or a loved one-can prevent bathroom injury.