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Kohler Choreograph Shower Systems by Dreamstyle Showers

Serving Phoenix, AZ and Surrounding Areas with Light Bathroom Remodeling


I was most satisfied with the installation. It was put in for my mother. We were very happy and satisfied with the whole process. It makes the bathroom look so much bigger.

Jane H.

I was most satisfied with the timeliness. They did it all in one day

M A Diflauro

Update your Bathroom with The Bold Look of Kohler

Looking to update without the overhaul of a full remodel? Kohler Choreograph shower systems can revitalize your whole bathroom in one easy step. As America’s #1 Remodeler, Dreamstyle Remodeling of Phoenix, AZ now provides the elegance and durability of Kohler shower systems—backed by their most trusted quality installation.

The thoughtful design of Kohler’s Choreograph shower systems make the process even easier with a range of wall, fixture, and accessory options made to fit right in. Whether you’re concerned about limited mobility, need more in-shower storage, or just want to optimize space in a small bathroom, Kohler has a matching replacement shower product for every preference.

A winning combination of Kohler products and Dreamstyle showers services means all you need to do is decide on the look and utility of your shower. As bathroom remodeling experts, we’ve helped over 60,000 clients reach their home improvement goals, and are glad to answer any questions you may have along the way.

With Dreamstyle Remodeling, you’ll be enjoying your beautiful new Kohler shower in no time.

Build the Best Shower for You with Kohler

Your 3-Step Process—Dreamstyle Showers

Select a modern solid color in 1 of 3 textures, go for a natural look with stone and wood patterns, or combine for the best of both.



Find balance between style and functionality with a showerhead that works for you—available in polished chrome, brushed nickel, or oil-rubbed bronze colors.


Design your shower to fit your needs, too, with seating and shelving options, custom barres to match your fixtures, and storage.

Why Kohler Choreograph?


Whether your style is modern, classic, minimalistic, or all the above, Kohler has a sleek design option for you in every category. With 6 colors ranging from white to sandbar in chord, brick, or smooth textures, you can easily match or complement a pre-established color scheme—or create a new one! Select one or more tile-patterned panes for a classic look, go for sophisticated all-around marble lines, or add partial panels for a multi-dimensional effect. And-because every Choreograph pattern and color was designed as parts of a whole-your final product will be a cohesive, beautiful walk-in shower.


Just as the many style options of Choreograph are made to go together, a range of fixtures and accessories also pair perfectly. Try a locker shelf, Kohler’s signature barre, or towel hooks—all in the same range of matching colors and finishes. These are installed to fit perfectly into the shower walls, so they can provide added functionality without taking up space. No matter how many or few accessories you need, you can trust that the team at Dreamstyle Remodeling can make any arrangement work.


Kohler Choreograph shower walls are produced with the proprietary material Serica—made from 80% natural stone composite. This material is infused with fiber reinforcement as well, so you’re getting a high-quality stone look that stands the test of time for a fraction of the cost. Serica walls are also able to fit precisely within your shower’s frame, resulting in minimal seams for an attractive and easy-to-clean finish. Never scrub a grout line again knowing your tough stone walls will look as good as the day they were installed for years to come.

Kohler: The Most Trusted Name in Bathing

With over 100 years of experience innovating bathrooms, Kohler is the premiere choice for intelligently designed utilities. Their Choreograph collection is no exception, providing well thought-out standing showers with all the material quality and function you’ve come to expect from Kohler. Together with the trusted installation of Phoenix Dreamstyle Remodeling, you know you’re getting the best that each has to offer.

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